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The 2 things men look at when they first see a woman

When we ask out man what caught his eye the first time he saw us and he replies “ your personality and your laughter” it’s funny but we would tend not to believe it at all.

Men look first and foremost...our eyes

Yes the first thing a man looks at in a woman when he sees her for the first time are those eyes

Then our smile

so there, these gentlemen are starting to surprise us! Because unlike those who believe that after having looked at our eyes for long time, men descend directly much lower, we answer: error! The second thing that interest men when they meet a woman is her smile.

at the same time, it’s quite logical: smile is a great indicator of the morale of the person in front of you. So you f they see us smiling and laughing at the other end of the bar they’re going to be like “okay, she looks in a good mood, maybe I can take a Chance and go approach her”

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