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Divorce Affair

Watch Zimbabwean man demand his lobola back from a man who slept with his wife in front of their kid

There's nothing painful like being cheated on, some people just cant get enough, even after someone has tried everything in their power to make sure they make them happy it's never enough because on top of everything they still cheat. And the painful thing about cheating especially In a marriage is that kids suffer the most.

Because some people would rather leave that relationship than stay with a cheater. And this means kids won't have a happy home because some choose not to faithful but to cheat destroying something beautiful. It's not every day you find love, love is a scarce thing thats why it's always important that when you find that true love make sure you keep it because it's not that easy to find someone that's going to love and respect you and do everything for you.

A video of a man and woman was shared on social media after a man was caught not dressed in another mans house probably about to sleep together or done sleeping together because a woman was fully dressed. In the video the husband is seen confronting the wife and his cheating partner. What's more painful here is that this woman is doing all this wrong things in front of his child who's probably 6 months old.

After seeing this video people were concern that this child might not even be this husband's child but this other man's child. Because they even had the guts to do everything in front of the child.

Things people do sometimes are painful, and judging from what this guy is saying this people have more children together. Meaning this woman has just destroyed something beautiful, unlike women men don't forgive and forget that easily after finding out they've been cheated on. And there is a possibility that he might leave his family, because in video his heard saying he wants his lobola money back, which means he wants to leave this marriage.

Now the husband might lose trust and then end up saying they should do some DNA test and who knows what he will find.

What makes people cheat even after someone do everything for them just make sure their partner is happy.

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