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Study your partners body like you are going to write your final examination paper

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to pick your brains for a moment. I am aware that you have been in that relationship for years or maybe ,you have been married for years.But now here is a question I need you to answer. Does your lovely spouse still turn you on like before? Does he/she still hit that spot, I mean thee special spot? Do you still enjoy making love to your spouse or its all about doing it cause you don't have a choice?

If the answer is No then you need to correct that error.

Take your precious time and study your partner body, don't think that you know it but know it. Pay attention to every single part of that body. Once you study and know it do practicals see how your partner is responding to your research. You spend time trying to know your concubine's body and you neglect your wife. Use that time and energy on your partner. Imagine investing on a girl that's not yours and when that girl leaves you for another guy, that means all your investments went down the drain.

Invest on your spouse , tell them how you want them to touch you ,if they don't understand then show them. Tell them how you want it , communicate during the love making process don't make it seem like it's a death sentence. Tell him how his making you feel, Tell him how you want him. Man tell your lady how you wanna ride her and take your time with her, your not on a roller coaster. It's funny how we are free and honest when we are cheating but we are so serious and boring when it comes to our partners.

Sex should be fun,crazy and exciting. Imagine having sex with someone who is lying on the bed like a corpse. Ladies make your man feel you, tattoe your name on him and stop lying there like a statue.

Come on guys what your concubine can do to you in bed your wife can do it better. Ladies show hubby that you are one in a million.

My beautiful readers, Together we can create a world without cheaters. Please like, comment and share this post

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