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Husband and wife relationship

3 Basic Medical Tests You Should Run With Your Partner Before You Get Married

Marriage is one of the few institutions on the planet that necessitates caution before and throughout its inception. In other words, the success of any marriage is determined by the decisions made before and throughout the marriage (marriage). It's critical to be deliberate while making fundamental decisions concerning marriage as a whole.

You should know the medical facts of the person you wish to marry, among other things to consider before proposing marriage to a lady or accepting a marriage proposal from a man. There are three important medical tests you should conduct with him/her before marrying to avoid making a hasty decision. Among them are:

1. Check for infections. You should find out whether you and your future spouse have any infections (especially those related to lovemaking) inside your bodies so that you can cure them properly before getting married. The key is to be married "clean," as there are a number of infections that can have a negative impact on fertility if not discovered and treated promptly.

2. Fertility screening The importance of understanding each other's reproductive status before marriage cannot be overstated in order to avoid getting married and starting a family later. Again, to prevent any accusations that you and your spouse are to blame for the absence of children in your marriage. It will also allow you and your partner to begin treatment sooner rather than later (if there is an infertility issue) before getting married legally.

3. Genotype analysis. Everyone who wants to have children with their spouse must conduct a genetic compatibility test as a group so that they do not marry blindly and expose their unborn children to serious health risks (peradventure they are not compatible in the aspect of genotype). To be safe, make sure you know each other's genotype before marrying.

Running the aforesaid medical exams can prevent you and your prospective husband/wife from having any regrets.

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