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Husband and wife relationship

"I Looked For A Man To Infect Me With HIV, I Wanted To Die Because Of Many Rejections From My Family

Pauline wangui talked about how she tried to find a man with HIV so that she could die, but her family and even her in-laws didn't want her to do it.

That's what Pauline says happened. Her parents bought a new school uniform for her older sister, and she got the old and worn one to wear. They could have bought one for her, too.

They finished their eighth grade, and then her parents took her sister to a secondary school, she says. Her mom would then take all of her money as a house girl at a friend's house.

In the end, she married her husband even though she was still a house girl. She thought her in-laws would show her the love she didn't get from her parents, but she was wrong.

It was hard for Pauline to tell her husband that she was pregnant because her mother-in-law was very mean to her. When she told her husband, he sided with her mother.

One month before she was due to give birth, her husband ran away. She had to go back to her parents' house, but her mom told her to go back to her husband because she was done babysitting.

She tried to take poisons for three times, used a rope, but all of them failed. She then decided to look for a man who could infect her with HIV so that she could die, because in those days, people thought that if you were positive, you would die. The man told her that he was positive and that he didn't want to ruin her life.

Things started to get bad. Her husband came to look for her. They got back together. She gave birth to her second child but things got even worse and she decided to call it a day and move on.

She went to church for help. She is now in good terms with her mother and family, even though her husband married another woman.

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