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The Bible Is Clear But The Problem Is You

You want alcohol the Bible Will give exactly what your heart desire, so for the alcohol lovers read 1 Timothy 5: 23 (KJV), and after reading it surely your heart must be skipping for joy. This verse it surely gives you the permission to drink, so I encourage you to go out there and drink as much as you can, and each time you are asked why are you drinking quote this verse:

1 Timothy 5:23 (KJV) Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities.


You should disregard all what the Bible have said about strong liquor, but the above verse it is a clear permission, so go out and drink, and believe me the Bible does not prohibit you from drinking strong liquor.



If you surely want to see how powerful Satan is listen to people who are saying, the Bible does not prohibit us from drinking strong liquor because it’s a lie from the pit of hell. God said, wise men shall avoid drinking strong liquor because Satan is walking around like a lion searching for who to devour, so what are the foolish men doing?


Results of drunkenness:

1.    Noah cursed his son who saw his nakedness while he was drunk.

2.    Two daughters of Lot conceived and gave birth to sons from their own father.

3.    John the Baptist lost his head due to the foolishness of a drunkard king.

4.    King Belshazzar received a strong warning from God because of his foolish behavior while he was drunk.


If you are searching for evil the Bible will give you what your heart desires, and also if you are searching for life the Bible will give you in abundance.


People of God Abel listened and obeyed God’s word, but Cain did what his heart told him to do, and God was not pleased with Cain’s sacrifice, so be careful who do you listen to.

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