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'See The Chat Between A Guy And His Girlfriend After She Took His Money Without His Permission

A Girl and Her Boyfriend's WhatsApp Conversation About Her Taking 60,000 Naira from His Account Without His Consent

Some things girls do in relationships aren't good for them. A woman should never steal her boyfriend's money without his knowledge. Theft is the act of taking another person's property or money without the consent of the owner.

Her boyfriend's WhatsApp conversation with an unidentified female Twitter user was leaked. Her partner became upset because she took money from his bank account without notifying him.

A screen image of their WhatsApp conversation is seen below.

There was no sorrow in the girl's voice, according to what they discussed. She considers the money belonging to her ex-boyfriend to be her own.

Removing money from your partner's account without their consent is considered stealing, so contact them first.

In your opinion, what should be done about it? If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments or by subscribing to my blog.

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