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Angry Baby Daddy Burns The BabyMama's Shack (see pics)

As you all know that there ain't such thing as a relationship without problems every relationship always comes with its own ups and downs, please make it a norm to always do a mini survey on whom you choose to date,how they choose to manage their anger because now people are going through the worst with these partners they choose based on looks only to find out that those looks are hiding some evil being.

Talking about people going through a lot, a lady has posted some pics exposing what befell her neighbor after she had a misunderstanding with her boyfriend, Refer to the pics attached below to see what the boyfriend did.


Looking at this pics sure you kinda have a lot going on in your mind right now but look at this pic from this perspective, The lady has now lost a home after this fire and not only did loose a home her 2 kids has also lost a home as well which is no good news at all especially when 1 looks at it from a view that we are now approaching the Easter holidays, All the cash the girl had in this shack could have been saved up to give her kids a memorable Easter holidays like what other parents always do but with things being the way they are such won't be possible now.

After this fire took place this incident went viral on social media as the lady asked for donations to start over and when people saw this whole incident they had some mixed reactions as usual. Please refer to the screenshots attached below to see what some of them had said instead.

So now with all this being said, what I it that you an individual got to say, Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates but most importantly, Learn to choose who you fall in love with wisely do not go for looks only behavior and anger management's counts as well.

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