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Husband and wife relationship

It’s Mayeni against the other wives, Mayeni is the problem here is what happened #Uthandonesthembu.

This week on Uthandonesthembu The 4 wives went on a vacation by themselves without Their husband. Apparently the wives were playing a game where they’re asked questions and they give each other roses, MaYeni didn’t even get a single rose from the other wives this just proves she’s the problem.

This season is revealing a different side to Mamkhulu. She seems so nice and genuine and she seems to be working hard towards the unity their husband wants. Not only is she Mamkhulu but also a great leader. I'd like to apologise to Macele for misjudging her.

 Yes we love Mayeni but she's moody, They're all saying Mayeni is mean. Lol she really has to heal from the fact that shit happened and she wasn't the first wife even though she met Mseleku first. Mayeni doesn't like MaKhumalo because she feels like she replace her, I guess we all have our flaws.

The pettiness of it all MaYeni doesn't like Makhumalo and can't even pretend. And that's why she didn't get a rose from anyone. Makhumalo takes with Mayeni ‘s son with her to school and bring him back but still this woman doesn’t love Makhumalo and also does awknowledge her kindness. Makhumalo is such a peaceful person man i don't get why anyone would hate on her.

Mangwabe and Macele seems like they click. Sounds like they have their own sisterly moments together. Thing is MaNgwabe directs her meaness to the Husband, whilst Mayeni directs it to the other ladies. Mayeni is the happiest cutest human only when she's with the love of her life, Musa Mseleku.

All I can say is the wives are simply tolerating one another shame.There is no genuine love. Viewers are also convinced Mayeni is rude and doesn’t want to have a healthy relationship with  her sister wives.


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