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Divorce Affair

Lady Who Married Herself 3 Months Ago Finally Divorces Herself After Meeting a Cute Handsome Man

If someone isn't a good fit for you, there's nothing wrong with opting to divorce them. How about when the person you are divorcing is you yourself?

Because she has found someone else, a 31-year-old Brazilian model who married herself three months ago is divorcing herself after only three months. During the time when her marriage to herself was still going strong, she declared herself to be happy.

When Cris Galera became tired of depending on men, she decided to tie the knot herself last September.

Following a "special meeting with someone special," she decides to divorce herself three months later.

Her formal separation from self is being sought even though she married herself in September and has fallen in love with a guy after experiencing several disappointments from men, which led her to marry herself in the first place.

Cris Galera, 33, made news in September when she announced that she was getting married to her own mother. Instead of relying on men, she decided to marry herself since she was sick of being married to them. To make matters worse, Galera decided to file for divorce from herself after meeting someone new.

While uploading her wedding photographs, she captioned it, "I am celebrating my Self love and I want to inspire other women to boost their self-esteem... I am getting thousands of messages from men and women all over the world wanting to marry me... it's a shame because I won't divorce myself soon."

See photos from her wedding.

The model received a barrage of nasty remarks on the day of her wedding, which she chose to ignore.

In the past, the actress has expressed her desire for a vagina that is uniquely made for her body type.

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