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Watch| A young Lady Left Many People Stunned After Proposing Her Boyfriend In a Restaurant


When it comes to relationships, everyone's wish is to have a happily ever after and get married to their partner. However, in the past few days, especially on the long weekend of Heritage Day, we witnessed so many people locking their relationships with proposals and weddings.


In the olden days, it was a man’s duty to propose to his wife and marry her, but nowadays, things have changed. Even women, if they feel like the man is delaying them, go down on their knees and propose. That’s the package of Modern Society. Many people were left in shock after a young, beautiful girl went down on her knees and proposed to her boyfriend.



A brave young lady has surprised many people after publicly proposing marriage to her partner in a clip that is quickly becoming popular on social media. In many areas of the world, men are expected to be the ones to propose to women, and this is largely recognized as the norm.


In most cases, they do this by getting down on one knee and proposing to their significant other. In a video that went viral and was posted on social media by Flying News, a lady was seen going down on her knees and taking out a ring in a public restaurant. There is evidence that the proposal took place in a huge restaurant that was packed with numerous groups of individuals that had gathered for dinner. Everybody applauded when the brave lady got down on one knee and proposed to her handsome companion. They exchanged a sweet hug after that.



According to reports, the two have been together for a long time but had not yet taken their relationship to the next level by tying the knot until now. Well, take a look at the video below:



After the video was posted on social media, many people applauded and praised the girl for being so brave. See some of the comments below.




 This is awesome. We should refrain from the idea that women are the ones who have to propose. Anyone who feels like they’re ready for marriage should propose regardless of their gender.



What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is appropriate for a lady to propose? Leave your comments below.

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