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Side Chick Exposes Her Married Boyfriend On Facebook and WhatsApp; See What Happens Next

Committing adultery may seem fun and get your adrenaline pumped up in the beginning, but trust me, the aftermath is always terrible. Many hearts are broken and lives, destroyed.

A woman by the name of Lelethu Dyantyi left Facebookers in disbelief after she uploaded pictures of herself and a married man with whom she had been in a relationship with for 6 months. 

On the caption Dyantyi says “thank you little Madoda Stuurman for 6 months’ worth of love and unprotected sex while you’re married”.

It’s unclear what triggered this woman to upload the pictures. It’s possible that the man didn’t tell Dyantyi that he was married when they first met or something went sour in their relationship; whatever it was, we don’t know.

What we do know is that Madoda confronted Lelethu on WhatsApp about the photos and asked her to remove them from her Facebook gallery.

The ugly side about cheating, more especially without a condom is that you can contract all kinds of STIs and infect your loyal partner. You can also impregnate another woman while you’re married.

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