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Here is what will happen if you ignore a woman for three days according to men

Men know women too well because they are the ones who fall in love with them, fight with them and find their hearts broken because of them. men have all the rights to say what they think of women in their relationships.

There has been a discussion about what a woman would do if she finds herself being ignored her partner for a period of about three days. The discussion is motivated by the fact that a woman is always having someone on standby in case her relationship fails. Men believe that women will never run out of options.

They believe that if you ignore your woman for three days, you are bound to finding out that she is in an eight months relationship when you return to her. They think ladies do not have time on their side as they will always be having that guy who is waiting for their relationship to stumble and then collect her from her partner.

Someone raised that men should accept being women's options because that is how women see them and it is how their graph is being plotted. He said that women cannot be left stranded.

There is a man who confessed that he once told the woman he used to date that they should slow things down. This man discovered after three weeks that she was having a traditional wedding. The guy says he was having issues with his Visa and he thought he needed some time to focus on fixing that issue but he was just throwing it all away.

A relationship and dating expert known as Jonathan Bennett calls it a 'Back Burner.' He says being on the back burner means that someone is keeping you on his or her life. This person will not show any signs of commitment towards you but he or she knows that you will be his or her next partner if their current relationship fails. They will keep the communication between you two flowing and make sure that you do not lose attachment until the right moment.

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My point of view is that women are always in the market just as long as they are not married or engaged. We should ask ourselves a question of why would they refuse to give their phone numbers to some men but find it easier to give them to others? It is simply because they are still seeing other guys as the type that they can have a thing with. Even though they are not going to date those guys right away away, but they know that they do stand a chance of being with them.

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