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My Boyfriend Always Drinks This Pills Before We Go To Bed Should I Be Worried (see pics)

Being in an open relationship with my fiancé for the past few months we have been maintaining our relationship no matter what, which means we didn't have anything like privacy or personal matters we just shared everything on our own and even went so far as to share our family stuff.

 But all that stopped when he found a job in Louis-Trichard a few miles from the suburbs and moved there. After moving there I was forced to visit him but he kept changing the subject when I asked and all that made me think that maybe he would seduce me and live with someone there, That is why I insist on spending time with them

 When I visited him, I discovered strange things about him. Every time he goes to bed he goes to the dining room with an empty cup if he drinks something from that side and comes back after all. This made me ask myself a lot of questions and why keeping everything all a secret because we don't keep secrets.

 So one night I decided to sneak up on him when he went there with the cup. While doing this I saw him open the cupboard there and take out the pills and drink and hide again in the cupboard, then I went and looked at them to come out he was not there, and it seemed strange to me. See how they look in the picture

 I did not ask him about them or what his reasons are for fear that this might cause others to fight among us because he knows that I have been shunning him and shunning him. However my mind is still at peace I really need you to know what these pills are. Ask people about them on Facebook and what they have been told. See the comment below.

 In any case, I am not satisfied with the many responses of others because some of them are making jokes about the whole situation when they are not, So now according to your understanding as readers what are these things? Please leave a comment below

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