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Here Is A Remedy That Can Help You Bring Back You Ex-Lover Back

There are so many things that you might think you will never need or use in your life simply because you are not in a tough situation, one of these things would be trying to get your ex-lover back. If you can go out and try to find solution on how you can get you partner whom you broke up with, there is a good chance that some people will tell you to move on and find a new person. This is normal, a lot of people feels like it's better to be alone than to be with someone they broke up with. But there are those people who realizes that they have made some mistakes which led to the break up and they would do anything possible to get their lovers back.

In this article, we are going to talk about a simple remedy that anyone can do to get their lovers back. For this remedy or ritual, the following ingredients are needed:

- White candle

- Honey

- Red Pap

- Plain Paper

- instant coffee

The instructions on how to perform this ritual is as follows, you take two papers of plain papers and write your name and surname and your ex lover's name and surname on those papers separately. After you have done that, you will add some drops of honey on your ex-partner's name on the paper then rub it while you are saying "return to me immediately", I find this part a little bit funny. After that, you will add coffee and cinnamon while saying my favorite lines "return to me immediately". After the "return to me immediately" part, you will take the paper that you wrote your name and put in on top of this paper and roll it three times. After folding the paper, you have to tie it with something red and bury it under a strong tree then walk away without looking back.

Your ex-lover is more likely to "return to you immediately" after doing this


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