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Limpopo Woman Says That She Requires R19 000 A Month To Be Someone’s Girlfriend

We are living in an era where ladies are paid, a ‘girlfriend allowance’, to be in a relationship with someone.

A very attractive woman took to social media to advertise herself, and basically let any potential future boyfriends know that they will have to pay her a very hefty amount of money per month. She confidently let people know that she is very high maintenance and requires a lot of money.

@_Timinky posted a picture of herself on her Twitter account, she left this caption: “Requirements to date me:

Monthly allowance R7000

Rent R2500 a month

Food R2000 a month

I owe Foschini it needs to be paid

I one the gym R3000, it needs to be paid

Shopping spree every three months is very necessary”

Without a shadow of a doubt, comments flooded in the tweet. Men were definitely not impressed with her. They thought that she was being absolutely ridiculous and unreasonable.

She comes off as being very self obsessed and entitled.

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