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What The Bible Says About Cohabitation (Vat En Sit). Find Out

Courtship and coexistence are coextensive, more precisely it refers to a practice in which two people (man and woman) who have already decided they love each other visit or interact regularly to see if they can fit together to be one To become a couple. Married coexistence, on the other hand, implies coexistence between a man and a woman and sometimes a marital relationship without a formal marriage. These acts are common practice in our society today, especially among students on campus. 

 There are many reasons for young people to date and live together. Some of those who practice it argue that (dating and cohabitation) are precautions before entering into lifelong marriage bonds. Drive to get a taste of what marriage is like. Some other cohabitants also say it is good because it helps them collect resources like food and money and enables them to survive in school allowing them to share their views and encourage group study while some are due These reasons may seem justified, but in God's eyes they are unsustainable and intimate relationships One biblical figure who can be said to have practiced cohabitation is Samson, as in Judges 16 to see is.His experience with Delilah resulted in the loss of God's anointing on him and the resulting abrupt end of his life and his God-appointed duties. The fall of Dinah and Shechem, as seen in Genesis 34:14, also shows the inherent danger of becoming inappropriately intimate. with those of the opposite sex. They could be compared to the act of dating in our day and age. 



 Scripture, however, is full of passages directing believers to flee and abstain from sexual sins such as fornication. “Flee from fornication. Every sin that a person commits is outside the body, but whoever commits fornication is sinning against his own body ”(1 Corinthians 6:18). 

 Holy God regards sexual relationships as sacred and intended only for marriage. Hebrew 13: 4 describes the honorable state of marriage. People of the opposite sex who have sexual relationships or who live together outside of legal marriage invite displeasure and judgment from God (Jude 7). Avoid all forms of sexual immorality and keep yourself pure in the love of God.

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