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You will never go wrong once you discuss this with your partner

It is true that relationships can be hard sometimes even though both of you are putting more efforts in the relationship to make it work, but sometimes it seems like you are the only one who is putting more efforts in the relationship.

Here is why most couples have failed even though they loved each other very much. One thing about relationships is that they need plenty of time and lots of communication. So if one doesn't discuss these things then surely the relationship will fall bit by bit if this is not discussed as soon as possible. You and your partner should really discuss how to handle bills because this is where most people fail, most people believe it's a man duty to pay for almost everything but men won't tell that they are tired of this mentality of being told that they should provide instead they will just look for a partner on the side who can also spoil them and pay atleast 30% or 20% of the bills.

Religion is the second most important thing to discuss when a couple is committing themselves in a relationship, one must adopt a religion of their partner. Another thing a couple should discuss is the parenting style if both of you wants to have a future together and planning to start family.

Money is also the biggest problem in relationship which results relationships to fail, so discussing credits, debits and financial expectations in a relationship could really help to avoid fights. Adding a bucket list on those discussions won't cause any harm because that's also helps couples to have goals together.

Few last things a couple should discuss is what they are expecting from each other, what their dream home should be like, political views to balance to have a clear vision and same mentality of survival and other important things one could think of, because love alone is not enough sometimes.

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