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Why Does It Always End In Tears After a Baby is Born?

A question was brought up on media that why do relationships always have to end after a baby is born, this question caused a huge stir as many people had different opinions regarding this topic. Many relationships tend to end when a baby is born because some men are afraid of the huge responsibility of being a father, it comes along with the fact that women of nowadays are independent and they end regarded as disrespectful for standing up for themselves. Partners should have respect for each other, it shouldn't be one sided.

We can not blame any gender for the failed relationships after having babies, problems tend to occur at the wrong time and some of them are not easy to talk through. It is even better when people let each other go of each while its still a bit early, of course the woman would have invested a lot but thats the way it is. At least most of these people co parent their kids very well which is a good thing.

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