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Reasons why women do not like dating short men.

This is for the boys. With everything going on in the world today, you might think that dating would be a breeze. Unfortunately, there are some superficial situations that can make your love life difficult.

Is height a possible decision factor on a first date? Yes, but the first thing to tell yourself to exceed height expectations is, "Don't take it personally." To all guys whose height is under 57, you are in luck! I've rounded up the top 4 reasons women feel uncomfortable going out with you. What we think is "What about my heels?" Most women love to dress up for an evening with their man.

For the most part, heels make women sexy and happy. If your date is bigger than you in her apartments, just imagine how she feels about you in her stilettos! That's not cool! The second thing we deal with is uncomfortable feelings. Most women feel weird when they have to put down a love interest. One woman even said, "When I have a date with a guy shorter than me, I don't know where to look!" I have to agree that being able to see my dates is not very romantic.

Third, we ask ourselves, "Who will take over in a confrontation?" Believe it or not, some women feel the need to get everything done when they are with shorter men. It is as if they did not feel that the boy was capable of handling a difficult situation. This really plays a role in how women respond to height because all women want to feel safe and secure, especially when dating.

Finally, women hate the feeling of "I feel like I'm with a child." One woman said, "Whenever I'm with a little man, I just want to say, awww, look at him, he's so cute." No woman wants to view her date in a childish way. I have also heard this concern from men dating smaller women. Talk about an instant dating killer!

Here's what you can do to overcome stereotypes and height limitations. The first and only thing you need is TRUST! You have to be the type of person who is not afraid. Make your date feel strong and responsible. If you look weak and shy, get to the sidewalk before the date is over! Be very confident!

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