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"She saw what's in the fridge and now she doesn't want to go home" A man exposed his girlfriend.

A man went to her social media account to exposed his girlfriend. According to this man after she saw what was inside the fridge the lady did not want to returning where she come from cause the fridge had all the food you could imagine. People were so suprise after see his fridge full with good food that one can enjoy from snaks to meal.

It was also junk food. We can't blame the lady for not wanting to leave. Who can't leave such good food? Some did not like the idea of exposing their girlfriend for food. Instead, they suggested a simple plan to share with her. It is just food, and soon or later, he will finish it. Others went on to say that this kind of food needs someone who will help you finish it. Share your thoughts on this matter and don't forget to like and comment on this article.


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