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Dear Men, If Your Woman Is Not Loving You Back This Is What To Do

Dear men, a relationship is not easy to handle, it takes patience, understanding, and many other things to have a healthy love life. I want you to understand something, most ladies can just show you that they love you back easily. This is because some of them don't want people to perceive them as cheap girls. They would like to play hard to get. 

So in this article, we are breaking that hard-to-get thing that most girls always do. So if you lady is not loving you back, here are some basic things I would like you to do.

The first thing I will recommend every man to do when his girlfriend is not loving him back is to give her time. This is the most important thing I will tell you to do. Some ladies don't like to be rushed into a relationship because they want to understand who they are planning to date or spend the rest of their life with. So as a man, if your lady is not loving you back, be mature and give her time. Giving her time doesn't mean you should waste your life waiting for her to love you, if she exceeds one year in not loving you back, leave her.

The second thing to do if your lady is not loving you back is to think of leaving her. Why did I say you should leave? It is time people understand that relationships are not forced on people who don't want them. If you force a lady to love, mark my words, she may leave you anytime she feels like leaving. The possibility of her not leaving is one in a million. You have to know where you long in her life as a man rather than forcing yourself on someone.

Finally, I would advise you to move on, this is very important. When you are in a relationship and your lady stops loving you back, asks for a breakup, my brother break up with her and move on. Life continues, tomorrow you may get someone who would love you more than her. 

Thanks for reading my article, feel free to drop your comments in the comment section.

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