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SingleAndMingle: Boitumelo Wanted To Drink Alcohol Before Going To The Date

Now, crazy things have happened on the show, but it is like there is this thing of crossing boundaries with every episode that the viewers watch.

The latest episode kind of proved that there are some people who do not care how other people view them, you know how there is usually that professionalism that comes with being on TV.

And sometimes, it is not entirely that because on dating shows, the people who go there usually tone it down a bit with the formalities, they talk more freely and dress however they want.

That is what is normal, this is probably what is expected with the show, but the bachelorette on the second segment of the show, Boitumelo was a bit too much.

Some viewers might have liked how she does things, but to request alcohol before going on a date is just wrong in so many ways, this is disrespect to the production, the viewer and most importantly, the person you will be on a date with.

Now, as you might have seen, Boitumelo prepared for the date and before the Single And Mingle people got to her place, she sent someone to buy some alcohol because she thought that she would be too shy for the date.

So, she needed the alcohol so that she could loosen up a bit and open up to the person she would be on a date with. Luckily, the person Boitumelo sent could not go to the buy the alcohol because the Single And Mingle people arrived.

Imagine if they got there and she was a bit tipsy, they probably would have called the whole thing off, it just does not look good for TV. And the thing about Boitumelo is that, she does not seem like someone who has something going on in her life, she just wants to go out and party, that is it.

She even mentioned that she parties so much that she even forgets that she has a child and all of these should have been red flags for Lindokuhle, the guy she was on a date with.

But, somehow, he was just not concerned about the kind of person Boitumelo is and most importantly, the kind of a mother she is, it was like she did not care much about being there for her child because the child is raised by the grandmother.

But then again, it looked like Boitumelo and Lindokuhle were happy with each other, they made it clear that they were willing to go on a second date to see if things work out.

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