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Mzansi Is Not Happy With This Family In #MakotiAreYouTheOne After They Did This.

This program, which goes by the hashtag #MakotiAreYouTheOne, is not dissimilar to the show that uses the hashtag #Mnakwethu. The members of the family who are fully poisonous. It is a golden opportunity for the daughter in law to bond and establish a relationship with the mother of their husband. If either the man or the woman is not strong enough to face up to the Mamaza, it is possible that one of them will force the other to choose between them and the other person's family. 

Sipho is experiencing feelings of jealousy toward his cousin because she was working on the decoration outside with him rather than being inside the house. At this point, he is yelling something to the effect of "This is my house... why would you do this?" It's much stranger and more peculiar when you consider that he doesn't live by himself. 

The man who belongs to Gcina is planning to seek advice because he is interested in marrying his baby mother. Gcina will without a doubt understand why her man's prior relationships were unsuccessful as a result of his lame sisters. He was informed by the sangoma that someone close to him had engaged in some questionable behavior. The sangoma asserts that they have cast a spell on him so that he will not marry his first or second wives and will instead go back to being with this particular woman. 

The family of Sabelo will always believe that Gcina is motivated by financial gain. The people in Sipho's family are so cruel and judgmental. It is very evident that Sipho's mother made derogatory comments about her daughter. This girl's big sister has a lot of attitude for her age. In addition to this, the mother-in-law treats her with kindness at all times. They are about to get into trouble because of Sipho's sexual desperation. 

It would appear that the son is expected to fill the void left by his father. Does this imply that she is interested in dating his son? There is no experience more agonizing than marrying one's mother's favorite son. Lorna has received praise from Mzansi for remaining so composed. Should it turn out to be someone, she intended to immediately pack her belongings and leave. Being in the same room with people who are this cruel is challenging.

Source: #MakotiAreYouTheOne twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

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