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Avoid These Worst Silly Mistakes When Trying To Get Your Ex Back

So you broke up with your ex, but now you feel like it's time for you to get back together. They are ready to forgive or apologize and change so you can get them back. Good move. But you have to be careful. You don't want to make things worse or more uncomfortable than they already are. However, be careful not to make the following common mistakes that most people make:

1. Crying and begging for another chance.

First of all if you are a man, this shouldn't be your strategy for getting a woman back. It will turn them off as you look like you've lost your manhood. But women shouldn't cry and beg for a new chance either. It's okay to ask for forgiveness and show your willingness to start over. But cryNever bend down that low.

2. You text them all the time. 

Don't be the person who sends five messages without getting a reply, it just makes you look needy and desperate, your ex won't come back to you when too desperate if They send a thousand messages, you could try calling them to see if you can meet and have a face-to-face conversation. 

3. Trying to make your ex jealous. The ex will lose respect for you. Posting fake pictures with your beautiful cousin on Facebook, claiming she is your new girlfriend is a waste of time and will eventually lower your points of getting the ex back.

4. Threats Have you ever had an ex who threatened suicide if you didn't respond? That is an emotionally abusive person. If you use this trick on your ex, he won't even think about giving you another chance. If they want to go, let them go. There are better ones who can better bond with you. Trust me. don't be a one-sided person. Be smart and carry on!

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