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For your laughter. Memes that will ease your pains

A friend of mine impregnated 3 girls, he told 2 of them to abort it which they did. And now the third gave birth to triplets. Is God not wonderful? You can never stop the plans of God for real Message to my funny lover, just try to break my heart How last borns behave after eating 10 times and then they see visitors eating

When your girlfriend is arguing with a soldier then you hear her say my boyfriend is not even afraid of you. And you be like 'which boyfriend?'

When you come back home late and find that your parents are not yet back. When teacher ask me to choose someone to solve maths test on the board and I look at my bestfriend... Me:

Bestfriend: No... please don't do this When you see people employed in big companies but you do not know how they were employed

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