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Secret Muthi men will never tell you about, here is what you need to know ladies (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

There will always be secrets between men and women. Both gender have their own secret they keep to themselves and never attempt to share with the other gender. A lot of times we find that men tend to keep quite about what happens in the mountain. Whenever someone who has never been there speak out the truth they feel provoked.

Same thing applies to women they don't want people to know about their teaching in the mountains. Below is a bottle of muthi most people who have been in the mountain know about. The muthi has been a secret to many relationship, some ladies never understand their boyfriends because they challenge them in such a way that on is left speechless.

After they drink this muthi men dont talk a lot around the house. All they think about is to eat and sleep all day. This is because the muthi services their body system, and detoxes the the stomach removing acids. A men changes after drinking this muthi even his complexion brightens up.

What is more sad is that he will never tell what is next after using this muthi. He will do as if everything is fine until you realize later why he uses this Muthi instead of Castor oil to detox. Ladies watch out for this, search the house you will find this combo trust me.

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