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Uzalo: Nyawo digs himself a deeper debt hole just to please a woman.

Nyawo digs himself a deeper debt hole just to please a woman,and that woman is the one who caused him to be broke,on top of that she took Nyawo's furniture,so now she comes back and she expects Nyawo to take her back, cocoa realised that Nyawo is a sweet guy that is why she is playing with him, Nyawo tried to ignore her,but cocoa keeps threatening him.

Nyawo wish to make Cocoa his wife, but cocoa never be serious and she still working as a prostitute,Nyawo believes that she can change Cocoa,but that will not be easy.

Mondli knew that cocoa is a prostitute but he didn't want to reveal it to Nyawo because he also does not want to tell them the truth,he saw how Nyawo is happy and he knows that he won't listen to him.

Nyawo will regrets and the moment he realises that he made a huge mistake to allow cocoa in his life is the moment he will find himself in a serious Debt,cocoa came back because she finished that money Nyawo gave her.

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Cocoa Mondli Nyawo


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