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4 things about you that make other men jealous of you

In this article, I am going to talk about the things you do or the personality traits you have that make other men secretly hate you. If you display these traits most men will hate you but deep down they secretly wish they could be you. If you do the following things men will respect you despite they like you or not. Here are the things about you that make other men envy you.

1. You get a lot of female attention

Every man on this planet wants the attention of attractive women. Some may say that they don't care about female attention. Don't believe that. It is embodied In our DNA to want the approval of the opposite sex. If you are a guy whether you are in school or the workplace, women always want to be around you. It is natural for other men to hate you for it. The reason is we wish it could be us.

2. You are in good shape

The truth is that most men are lazy to go to the gym. They also don't have the self-control to follow a healthy diet. So when they see you with an athletic body. They are going to hate you for it.

3. You are assertive

You don't just follow the herd. You know what you want out of life and you are not afraid to go after it. You live on your terms. Most men go to college because their parents told them that it's the only path to take. So they end up living paycheck to paycheck. Working an office job they hate and being stuck with wife and children because society expects them to live that way. When you know who you are and you have direction, most men won't like that because it will remind them of their lack of it.

4. You know how to dress

You don't follow trends because you know that those things come and go. You have your style. And because you are in good physical shape, you can pull any outfit with ease. You understand that people treat you differently when you dress a certain way

Now it's time to hear from you what are other things that inspire jealous from other men? Please leave a comment below.

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