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Husband and wife relationship

What you see is what happened after being different from his wife

The name of the man who appears in this picture, is Dan of 31. What you see is what happened after being different from his wife.

One day, Dan and his wife were different from those words when they were different from my household. Dan says it would seem like the only idea that all couples meet at home, where he ended up going to his job as he worked at night. Dan oriented at his police job at 5 am (5 am), heading home for a break.

This is the moment her partner got the chance to live her husband, Dan with Acid on his face while he was asleep, and then the woman was scared. Before a woman can split the heels, she poured water on the floor and put the electric rope in the water. Dan said he tried to run away, then fell into the water he had electricity and took him for a while, before the neighbours could cry. This man has been chased away from a little closer hospital, And by God's grace, doctors are saving his life even though he has lost two eyes now he has lost their lives.

Dan's wife has been arrested, but after being released by Peila. Dan said he's holding him but he didn't cancel the case. Danny says he met this last woman in court and explains why he wasn't doing anything.

The campaign I should have talked to is over with Dan's eyes. What a man says is, life is hard for him as he was born, but the person who loves him says he is his children's mother, he choose to win his feelings and fail to control his destiny, and he blesses him with his eyes.

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