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In Isaiah 54, God reminds us of his unwavering love and compassion.

A loving word

In Isaiah 54, God reminds us of his unfailing love and compassion.

Though the mountains are shaken, and the hills be moved, but my steadfast love shall not be moved, and my covenant of peace shall not be shaken. says the Lord who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

After a long and hard day in the office, everything seemed dark and difficult. Every thought that ran through my head came from this unpleasant place - a place I can't escape. Even entertainment that I had looked forward to after work was just another opportunity to complain.

I wanted to hide, but I had to care for one last business. I sat down at my desk and prepared for the final conference of the day.

My seven-year-old son knocked on my door and went straight to my room. “Dad, you look tired. You will have to rest. I love you. "With those precious words, love cut me off. I looked up." Thank you, son! You made me happy. "

In Isaiah 54, God reminds us of his unfailing love and compassion. In a world based on the idea of ​​wanting more, achieving more, and more, God reminds us ** is the love of His heart that we need more - the source of true peace when peace seems far away.

In times of desolation and disappointment, seek refuge in Jesus Christ where you can rest and repair those areas of your life on earth. It is our key to peace in times of stress and confusion. Pray to Him regularly and be comforted by His kindness and compassion, hope and love, light and comfort - the best treatment for a troubled heart and soul.

Lord, thank you for your eternal source of peace and love to all who seek your refuge. Please remind me to call you whenever I find myself uprooted, confused, and without this world, a world that is trying to pull us away from the source of true peace - which is only available to you. Amen.

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