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Using Muti Destroyed My Relationship (see how)

So now that we're living in instances were whenever couples time decides to let their relationships go down the drain the female's have a this trend of going to social media and start disclosing the weaknesses and awfulness of the man behind closed doors. I honestly have always questioned myself if something like that wont happen to me someday because that is something I saw happen to almost everyone around me from friends to siblings. 

So now there was this one-time were i couldn't question myself nomore,I just woke up and decided to act on my curiosity and asked her whether or not am i what she wants in a man, The answer I received from her was that " you are not that bad " with a smile on her face. So now that really had me concerned due to the reality I started out questioning if this may additionally now not backfire one of the proper days or may not it be used towards me the day we sooner or later figure out to part ways.

So i went on social media and searched and received something to raise my energy on the Facebook market place.What you see on the above photo is what I got.After getting it I decided to get busy with her and after that i considered that she started out distancing herself from me but then i approached her on whatsapp and this is what went down, Read the chats below

As you can see it appears like the Muti did work as I was advised that it works on the other hand it occurred to do greater work than I anticipated,Could it be because I used too an awful lot of it or all that was simply how this black market muti works?According to your understanding and perspectives of muti as readers what do you suppose might have went wrong here? Please country some of your views on this issue in the feedback area below

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