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It is still hard for people to believe that he is gay

All anybody is trying to do is live their lives and be given the service, be treated with respect as anyone else is treated. All they want is equality.

Some people may have negative attitudes toward gay. These attitudes can lead to rejection by friends and family, discriminatory acts and violence, and laws and policies with negative consequences.

South Africa's Constitution is the first in the world to prohibit unfair discrimination. It thereby guarantees equality for gay and lesbian people. A lot of people came clean and told their friends and families that they are attracted to people of the same gender as theirs after the prohibition.

Just 10 years ago it was a crime for gay people to be in love and their public displays of affection were considered indecent. Gay people were harassed and blackmailed (frequently by the police), often denied employment and refused custody of their children after divorce.

Inno Matijane, an artist, digital content creator and a reality TV star is one of the people in South Africa who are attracted to people of the same gender as theirs. He has always been transparent about it.

Inno Matijane is an LGBTQ activist. Everytime he posts his pictures on social media he makes both men and women drool. Unlike others, he does not care about the negative remarks, in fact negative remarks makes him more stronger.

Yesterday when people had problems logging into their WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram accounts he tweeted the following words: "why re sa kgutleleng mxit?. ( Why don't we go back to Mxit).

Myth: Lesbian and gay people can be identified by certain mannerisms or physical characteristics.

People who are lesbian or gay come in as many different shapes, colors and sizes as do people who are straight. The Bible does not support gay people. Both Jesus and all of scriptures approve of no gay marriages, only marriages between a husband and wife.

Our sin demands our repentance and needs forgiveness, and God’s love and grace are where we find both. This is basic Christianity and the great equalizer of all people.

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