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Meeting My Boyfriend’s Parents for the First Time How Do I Make Them Like Me ?

Hello, everyone!

What's new with you guys? I spent another evening reading your lovely letters (MANY THANKS for sending them to me), when I came across one from Amber. She's meeting her boyfriend's parents for the first time, and she appears to be really concerned.

Hello, Amber! You must be TERRIFYINGLY NERVOUS! I've been there, so trust me when I say there's nothing to be concerned about! I was also nervous about meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time, but after meeting them, I discovered they were the sweetest and nicest people I'd ever met. We talked for several hours, and I didn't want to leave their place for the rest of the day! He-he. As a result, I'd like you to take a few deep breaths and relax. And, of course, I'll give some tips that have shown to be beneficial to me, and I hope they will be beneficial to you as well.

When meeting Henry's parents for the first time, here's what you should do and what you shouldn't do.


Make an effort not to show your affection too overtly. It might make your boyfriend's parents uncomfortable. Just don't do anything you wouldn't want your parents to see.

Avoid contentious and personal themes such as politics, religion, and health. Choose discussion subjects that are both pleasant and interesting.


Your boyfriend's childhood is a safe and enjoyable topic to discuss. Who better than his parents to tell you about him as a kid? I'm sure they'll be happy to share a few humorous anecdotes from your boyfriend's upbringing with you if you ask.

It's a good idea to bring a small gift. You might ask your partner for some suggestions for a wonderful present for his mother and father. Small acts like these can have a big impact.

It is preferable to dress modestly. However, picking an outfit that reflects your personality is also a smart option. So choose a relaxed, comfortable attire that allows you to perform spontaneously.

Inquire further about your boyfriend's parents. This will give you the impression that you already know them, and you will be less frightened as a result.

Tell them a little bit more about yourself. Henry's parents are likely to be interested in learning more about you as well. Prepare to tell them more about your family, your hobbies, and your interests.

Giving your boyfriend's parents a few praises would also be great. You can express your admiration for their house furnishings, meals, or the way they nurtured their son. Just be careful not to express TOO MANY compliments, as this may come across as awkward and dishonest.

And finally, the most vital piece of advice: JUST BE YOURSELF. Don't try to pass yourself off as someone else only to win over your boyfriend's parents. This is a dead end street. If the two of you keep dating, his parents will eventually figure out who the real Amber is. So just be yourself and have a good time!

So, Amber, I hope this has been of assistance! Please shoot me a message after the meeting to share your thoughts!

Guys, how did you react the first time you met your significant other's parents? What was the topic of your conversation? What were your actions like? Let's have a discussion in the comments!


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