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Spiritual partner is just a tie to some bad energies

Simply put, spiritual husband/wife is just a tie to some bad energies and spirits that may come in different ways. It can be through sex, multiple partners and purely witchcraft. But this spirit if not dealt with asap it can develop into a very stubborn spiritual partner. 

There are many dangers caused by this thing. 

1. It seriously contaminate your blood. Which leaves you with a very dark cloud and bad luck that ends up putting your life on a halt. 

2. It makes it difficult for your ancestors to enter you(if you are called) or to just visit you. The negative energy that it creates in your vicinity is intense for the ancestors. 

3. It chases almost everyone in your life away for reason in 2. above. 

4. It enforces miscarriages when you are pregnant. 

5. It destroys sexual desires. 

6. Etc

Now, it is important to fight off this spirit if not removing it permanently. We have a solution for it. 

This spiritual Cube below is made of herbs specifically mixed to target this bad spirit. It fights off until it tires up.

behind the scene while you are peacefully asleep not even noticing. In other words, sleepless nights end after you have used it.

Additionally, it deals with the negative energies in your vicinity caused by this spirit that chases away everyone in your life.

The benefit with this point is that it can draw your relationships towards the positive direction as it solves the root cause. 

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