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"We need to teach our boys to accept rejection" Mzansi reacts after seeing this screenshot of chat.


Men and women respond differently in culturally normative ways. Males tend to take rejection as a challenge to their masculinity or an insult to their perceived place in the social hierarchy.


We live in a world where others think they can get what they want all the time. Sometimes it ends in tears for most of them. Valencia is a lady who got people's approval after sharing this short screen chat between her and this guy who doesn't seem to get the message.


How do men get an ego from pursuing someone they want while another wants them? They won’t give those that want them their day and time, but will be the first to tell you how they’re most wanted. 

That time, I had nothing to offer. Like,



why do they think that you’d want them because the whole world wants them? We want such a thing, but why make it obvious? Who would want a guy that nobody wants? Whew boys



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Mzansi Valencia


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