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Lobolo negotiations without informing ancestors could have bad consequences. People killed by wall

Former president Thabo Mbeki said, "I am an African". Being an African comes with a lot of responsibilities many of which involves our customs. Every tribe in South Africa follow customs laid down by those who came before us.

When a man pays Lobolo, this is seen as a major event for both families. Marriage combines two families and Lobolo negotiations is a first step. There are customs that must be followed when this momentous occasion takes place.

There are a lot of people who follow customs selectively. They do Lobolo negotiations but forget to ask for blessings from the ancestors. This usually result in dire consequences and in this case it resulted in death.

In a village in Limpopo outside Polokwane called Thokgwaneng four people died after a wall fell on them. The people were part of the Lobolo celebration.

For everything to run smooth the ancestors must be invited so that they can bless the occasion and also offer protection. This is usually done by making an offering of a goat and traditional beer.

The elders will then kneel before a small plant which is sacred and talk to the ancestors. They will also be offering snuff while drinking and spitting water or traditional beer.

Our customs and traditions are getting lost and the next generation will not know our ways. The other problem is that our traditions and customs are not written down for reference.

They are past down from one elder to the next verbally. There is a lot of adjustments that people make because there is no proper reference.

Condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. It is true that one can lose his or her life anytime and anywhere. You have to life to the fullest. But remember to always stay safe.


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