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The ugly truth many girls need to know

If you are a single woman, listen to me loud and clear, stop taking pills or injections to avoid pregnancy. If you're still together, how could you, as a single, be involved in family planning?

Don't you know that family planning is only done for married couples who are no longer interested in having more children? Some women always inject for 6 months or 1 year. One thing you didn't know about these drugs is that they only serve to kill your eggs, immobilize your hormones, and weaken your circuits.

If you believe me, since you started taking it you have noticed that every time you see your period it is no longer as regular as it used to be. Sometimes these drugs will delay your period by up to 3 or 4 months before it goes back to normal. You know exactly what I'm saying, honey. I know that some women have lived this kind of life for more than 6 or 10 years. 

You are single and go to school but prefer to devote yourself to family planning when you know you are not married my dear sister, you call yourself serious infertility to take over your life shortly. And then your chewing gum friend is no longer there for you, he goes home with his new wife and children while you run from pillar to post looking for a child. Superglue itself. As I write this, there are still millions of single women doing college family planning in their wombs. Just because I want to be the girl that happens on campus. 

Ladies, protect your eggs, protect your uterus, protect your fetus and above all your happiness because if you get married and can't have a child, you know the rest. 

Don't be angry. I gave my opinion as soon as I know THE TRUTH IS PLEASE.

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