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OPINION: Every heart break ruins you for the next relationship

We use our hearts to get into a relationship; We feel it in our hearts when we are happy and we feel it on same heats when we are hurt. Just like a wound on any part of the body, the wound in heart will also need enough time to heal.

People believe that one needs to heal before moving on into another relationship, but will the heart still be the same after being hurt? The answer is yes, it might still find happiness but there will always be that fear. That is the reason why I believe that a broken heart is being ruined for it's upcoming relationship.

Remember that as you date someone with a broken heart, He or she will never be able to trust the very same way that they used to trust. That person will be in a relationship with you and you will be expecting them to trust you but it will never happen even if you highly deserve to be trusted.

Someone revealed through Quora that a heart break can change your life forever. This person says a heart break can turn you into a different person; through heart break you turn out to be more cautious, you become less emotional and eventually stop believing in love. This person was speaking from the experience of what she went through.

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It is unfair that people find themselves suffering from someone else's sin. It is important though for those who had their hearts broken to always remember that there is always someone out there who is still going to love them despite their broken heart.

We can agree that healing might take time or it might not be enough but at the same time, life needs to move on. We can not keep ourselves in prison while our perpetrators are out there enjoying their lives. Some people tend to take that heart break as a lesson to not trust too much which is not fair to their next partner. The heart has been ruined but life needs to move on and your next partner might be your healer.

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