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Precious Spilled More Beans About Her Friend Zandile

Durban Gen

Friends like Zandile are way to dangerous because she pretend to like you but she does not like you. Zandile is a against Precious. Precious trusted her as her friend , she took her as a friend. Zandile all this while she has been pretending to be a good friend while she wanted her husband all to herself. She has been sleeping with Thabo with the aim to win him over so that she can hurt Precious. Precious try so hard keep her relationship together but Zandile is not giving her a break.

After the secret of Mbali for not being pure before she get married to Sibusiso , The Dlamini family decided to go home to do cleansing. Thank vowed that he will make his relationship to work. He does not want to lose Precious. Thabo is not a loyal husband to Precious. When he come back from the cleansing he found Zandile waiting for him. He tried to avoid her but she does not give up. She has managed to wrap him on her finger.

Precious and Thabo Renewed their vows and Precious invited her so called friend to the party. She attended the party just to spite her. During the party she told Precious she wants her husband and she wants the life that she is living. It seems like Zandile told her mother that she is dating someone. Precious started to dig about Zandile's past and she find out that she is doing illegal abortion in the hospital and she is making money out of it. As she was trying to provoke Precious she spilled the beans right in front of her face. She was shocked and she did not know what to say to defend herself. Friends like Precious are there in real life and they are dangerous.


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Dlamini Mbali Thabo Thank Zandile


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