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Men fall at my feet asking to go out with me, until they realise how old I am

After a woman's video showing how old she actually is went viral on TikTok and received more than eight million views, many were astonished by the discovery.

Men always like her, according to TikToker, before they find out her age.

Men are clamoring to date her, according to a lady, until she reveals her age.

User @princessaprilxo on TikTok said that she had trouble dating because of one particular issue: her age.

No one wants a cougar, she declared to her 125,000 fans on social media as she shared her actual age.

She announced her age in a now-viral video of hers that has received more than 8.2 million views; some still find it hard to accept.

Female TikTok user

She claimed that she had difficulty dating.

Female TikTok user

Users were astounded by the discovery.

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Men like me until I reveal that I'm 44, she remarked.

More than 800,000 people have loved the video since it was released, and 41,000 people have left comments in shock.

"I don't think those were males, you must know a lot of lads, lol, age is nothing if the woman has a wonderful attitude and is loyal to herself," one user remarked.

One more said: "It's only a number, age. Your heart is what counts."

However, a third person believed that the older they were, the more difficult it would be for them to have children with you.

A other commenter said: "I don't think those were guys; you must know a lot of boys, lol. Age is nothing if the woman has a wonderful attitude and is loyal to herself."

A lady previously shared what "immediately turns her off" about guys, and it has nothing to do with how old they are.

One of the greatest deal breakers for Australian radio producer and frequent dating expert Jana Hocking is who foots the bill.

The 36-year-old remembered instances in her blog where she went out with "beautiful people," but if they didn't offer to foot the bill, she was "instantly put off."


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