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Divorce Affair

Top 3 Secrets Men Will NEVER Share With Their Girlfriends No Matter What. - OPINION.

There are certain secrets or details that a man will never reveal to his spouse but will happily reveal to his buddies.

1. The number of ex-partners they have.

The majority of males will never reveal the true age of the women they have previously dated. This is because they are afraid that their partners will pass judgment on them based on their past experiences.

They had a child with one of their ex-partners. Most guys would never tell you if they had a child with an ex-partner since it will make a woman feel insecure.

2. They will never tell you you are overweight or fat.

Men will always tell you what you want to hear and will never tell you the hard reality for fear of upsetting or offending you.

When you say terrible things about their family, they get enraged.

Blood is thicker than water, and men are hurt when you say hurtful things about their family.

3. Detailed information about their affair.

In the event that they cheated, a man would never provide details of the intimate adultery in order to make you feel at ease.

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