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Meet The Two Siblings Who Were Born Blind, Deaf, And Dumb


Life s what happens when you are busy making plans, but for some of us, life is something that is already at your doorstep when no one is ever willing to make you have it.

Helen Adams Keller, a well-known author, human rights activist, orator, disability rights advocate, and lecturer who was born blind, deaf, and mute said, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched - they must be heard from the heart."

This is the most encouraging passage I can begin with until the birth of writing brings nothing but tears to my ears and the humility of my heart.

Meet Louis and Valance, his brothers born blind. Louis is 21 years old while his younger brother Valence is only 12 years old. By Valance's performance hi,s condition was worse because he was not only blind but also deaf and dumb.


Louis and Valance's parents went through many challenges before God blessed them with children after a successful marriage of more than ten (10) years.

Unfortunately, the lovely couple first gave birth to Louisa only to realize that their long-awaited smile turned sad. One should not tell them that their daughter has a condition because her eyes are covered with skin.

The doctors who were at the health facility later told them about the challenges they had faced and took them seriously before they came to terms with the situation.

The united family wanted to give birth again and so they tried a second time but the second birth also came with another sad situation that was much worse than Louisa's. Valance, the second was born blind, deaf, and dumb.

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