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Breathing in a silent treatment in the relationships.

It's beautiful when your lover gives everything you a credit. Even recognize something you touch and gives compliment. Sometimes crack a joke just to laugh with you. Cuddling and hugging becomes extremely interesting because no one things way backwards. And when his got something to share your the one whose tail comes first. Though this days relationships are too slow to be understood and kept burning.

The reason being that couples stopped sharing all kinds of fun, jokes, time, space and even special moments just to be closer. If one becomes happy, one partner makes a different spark to drop the other. So if all interests are not returned then no value will be worthwhile. Then that's where the love boat starts sinking deeper than before. Because no air will slip to breath.

Partnership deed in a happy relationship dies, and nothing will raise the motivation of sighting back. So try harder to locamote with your partner and if there's any further information. Be wiser to sit down and solve it. Silent treatment kills and it takes everything away fast.

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