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Dating Romantic

8 tips for building a great relationship.

Everyone wants to establish a happy, healthy and successful relationship with their partner.

A good relationship is that both of you are happy to be together, but require the same effort. Here are some tips to help you build a lasting positive relationship:


Always be open to your feelings and opinions, because this will show them your true self and allow the two of you to continue to build true love.


To establish healthy communication between them, always listen to what the other person says. Listening is a skill that is more likely to lose attention in conversation, because people feel the need to speak and or think about what to say next.


They are all yours and you must respect the personalities of others. Focusing on the respect you give will set the standard for the respect you earn.


Neither of you will do it "your way" 100% of the time. When it comes to the "wishes" and the will of each one to do it, it is important to commit, because they do it together.

Discuss appropriately

You will not always agree. When disagreements arise, it is important to have a fruitful discussion. Listen to what others are saying without interruption, and take a break if things heat up. There must be no insults, threats or physical harm.

Do whatever you want

Things can become routine. This is life. Doing spontaneous things with each other will make the love you share exciting and fresh. Some spontaneous ideas include: leaving an unexpected love letter, slow dancing in the living room, showing your best for no reason, having sex outside the bedroom, trying a new restaurant, or planning a romantic trip.

Express appreciation

Never forget all the things you have done for each other, no matter how big or small .Always express your gratitude.

Have common interests

Prioritize activities or hobbies that both of you are interested in, because this will be something that "both parties" are looking forward to doing and or talking about, which in turn will build the bond of friendship that you should have in your relationship.

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