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Divorce Affair

3 Reasons Why It Is Wrong To Date A Married Man

A lot of single ladies enjoy dating married guys in much the same way that some married men enjoy dating married women. This is completely incorrect in every sense of the word and has the potential to have disastrous repercussions. Once a woman is married, she is considered a no-go area since she is committed to only one guy for the rest of her life. Most married women, on the other hand, find pleasure in cheating on their husbands with younger guys. Men should avoid dating married women for a variety of reasons, which are listed below.

1) It is a sin: According to the Bible, such behavior is forbidden. Sleeping with a married lady is considered adultery and should not be done by any man who want to have a successful future. It's the equivalent of a man piling coals of fire on his own head, which would eventually burn him. Because God abhors adultery, no matter how much a woman offers you, it should never be enough for you to commit a sin against him.

2. You will never be able to have complete peace of mind: You both understand that what you are doing is wrong, and if the woman's husband ever finds out, you could lose your lives or perhaps your social standing in society. If the two of you are ever discovered together, you will both be humiliated and disgraced beyond measure. Even your family members will be disappointed and will not side with you in this situation.

3) It brings about devastation: Dating a married woman will only land you in difficulty from which you may never be able to recover completely. Your life and destiny will be ruined, and you may even end up marrying a woman who would cheat on you as a result of the seeds you sowed while you were single.

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