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Twice As Bold: Viewers happy to see twins reconcile with their mother

Twice As Bold is a reality show that follows the Siko twins on their journey to finding a new husband. They have been consistently showing their frayed relationship with their mother since the beginning and there didn't seem to be a resolution for them.

The latest episode showed a change in how they act.

I know firsthand that relationships within families can be complicated. However, it must be a different kind of pain when you feel like your own mother doesn't love you. Vuyelwa didn't raise the girls and their resentment for her was clouding every single episode.

This week though, the girls are making an active difference. They are trying their hardest to reconcile with their mother. After the therapy session it is visibly clear things are changing. Personally I'm hoping she will finally talk sense into her daughters about marrying one man.

Social Media Response

People were happy to see the progress with the twins and their mom.

One user wrote, "I'm happy their working on their relationship with their mom.#Twiceasbold"

While another enthused user wrote, "Ncoo🥺 it's so cute seeing the twins trying to build a healthier relationship with their mom, so happy for them 🥺❤️ #Twiceasbold"

A final user believed their stepfather was the problem, they wrote, "things make sense when their step father isn’t around. #Twiceasbold"

Personal Thoughts

I think that the twins are trying to make amends with their mother. It is commendable. Not everyone can really make that first and important step. I really hope that they discuss their issues and don't try to sweep things under the rug. I also hope Vuyelwa realises that the twins really need her love and support more than ever now. Their desire to share a spouse isn't normal. I hope she can intervene.

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Source: Twice As Bold on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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