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Sh0cking: lady cries out after her boyfriend surprised her with a breakup party.

After her boyfriend threw a surprise breakup party for her, she was taken completely by surprise.

A woman has been left in a state of shock after her boyfriend planned a surprise party for her in order to inform her that he has ended his relationship with her as a result of her infidelity.

When the lady and a friend of hers walked into her cheating boyfriend's room, they were greeted by a jazz musician who was playing an upbeat tune to welcome the cheating girlfriend. The video is currently making the rounds on social media.

The lady entered the room with a smile on her face until she came across a note on the bed that said "It's Over," with love decorations arranged around it. According to the video, it appears that the guy has exposed the lady's cheating habit and discovered the identity of the person with whom she was having an affair with him.

Upon learning about her side nigga, the lady expressed her displeasure with how her boyfriend learned of it.



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