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Remember the white woman who came to Africa to see the man that she met online? See photos of them

When genuine love is involved, it is said that you are unconcerned about everything else, including race, color, or whether the connection is approved or disapproved by others.

As you may recall, a white woman from the United States came to Africa several months ago to visit a young child she met through social media. The young man is 23 years old and from Nigeria's Kano state.

Both are University students, whereas Janine is a successful entrepreneur in the United States, where she currently resides with her family.

Do you recall the white woman who came to Africa to meet a man she met online? There are several lovely images of them that reflect a truly lovely connection.

They became acquainted as a consequence of the tiny child's assistance in fleeing from someone attempting to defraud her as a result of the investigation I did.

They became friends, and she traveled to Nigeria to meet him in hopes of winning his hand in marriage. Although they were only in the country for a brief period, they took excursions and traveled extensively.

All that is required is diligent labor and a pleasant and humble lady. I'm certain she'll make an amazing wife.

Love is a lovely thing! Love is a lovely thing!

What are your thoughts on this lovely union?

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