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These 4 Things Will Have A Man Wrapped Around Your Finger Forever| Opinion

1. Get him to open up to you so you can learn everything there is to know about him before the rest of the world.

2. Be conscious of how you communicate with your partner and how this may assist you in obtaining more of what you desire. This is the straightforward method.

3. Use your feminine energy to get him to rely on you and make you irreplaceable by understanding the value of interdependence in a relationship and how it affects a couple's longevity (nothing to do with sex). Get your thoughts out of the gutter.)

4. You must submit to him. Yes, but the true meaning of submission, how it fits into modern relationships, and why it's so vital for the long-term viability and eventual marriage of a relationship.

The reason why so many men claim to have cheated is the one thing that most women miss when it comes to their relationship, and which is so fundamental and can be implemented right immediately. (These are not my words; they are theirs.) It's simple, yet it's quite effective.

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